My Top 10 Songs 2010

It’s time to start with the yearly lists again and I’m starting with my top 10 songs during the lovely 2010. I’m only including songs that were actually released in 2010, otherwise the all time favorites would just mess everything up!

  1. MINMI – Hibiscus

    Choosing which one to put in the first place was definitely not easy, but I ended up with MINMI rather than FUNKY MONKEY BABYS. This song is such an awesome mood maker and makes me want to jump around waving my arms every time I listen to it. Unfortunately I could only find a short version that wasn’t even embeddable T_T


    These guys always manage to make it to some kind of top list, Yume happened to be the one I liked the most but the other singles they released this year were really good too.


    Not the best song of them all, but definitely the song that brings back the best memories. I used to hear it almost every time I was in Shibuya on my first trip to Japan back in January. Bought the single at HMV Shibuya which has unfortunately closed for good.

  4. Sakanaction – Aruku Around

    No special comment about this song really, I just really like it a lot^^

  5. Oreskaband – Jitensha

    My favorite song this summer. I listened to it every day on my way to work and it made me really genki every time! It was used as an ending song for Naruto.

  6. Tortoise Matsumoto – Straight

    This was the theme song for Massugu na Otoko which is a drama that aired during my time in Japan. A really good song, for a really good drama :)

  7. AKB48 – Sakura no Shiori

    When it comes to idol music, beside my affection for the now graduated Morning Musume member Eri Kamei, it’s been all AKB48 this year. And Sakura no Shiori is different, in a really good way.

  8. Frida – Towers

    Surprisingly, I don’t only listen to Japanese music, but only one non-Japanese song made it to the top 10. This is a Swedish girl who debuted in Japan with her album Dear, Let it out earlier this year, and I was amazed to say the least. She’s from my hometown even, but that has nothing to do with anything really, I just really enjoy her music.

  9. Abe Mao – Itsu no Hi mo

    Also one of the songs I heard lots of during my time in Japan. Brings back good memories and I love her voice.

  10. Hata Motohiro – Ai

    I remember hearing this song in another drama, but I don’t remember which one, either way I really like it!

And there you have it! My top 10 songs released in 2010! So what are yours?

  • Erick Peraza

    Turns out the music I really liked through the year (Mono, Toe, the HIATUS, Ryo Fujimura) was released in 2009 so only two songs made it to the list:

    Kimura Kaela – You bet!!

    POLYSICS – How are you

    Hope 2011 brings more tunes.

    • yonasu

      Well yeah, same here really, a lot of the stuff I listened to in 2010 was released in 2008 and 2009^^

      Indeed, let’s hope 2011 will be better!

  • PL

    I also listened to Jitensha on my way to school! It’s a perfect song for that!

  • BxN88

    Hey Yonasu you should give a try to Asobi Seksu you will probably like. By the way thanks for Oreskaband – Look very interesting.

    • yonasu

      I know Asobi Seksu :) They’re pretty good, but thanks anyways :D