New Apple Keyboard!

Posted by Jonas on September 17th, 2009. Filters:

Wired Apple Keyboard Box

So after waiting for 5 days for my wireless Apple keyboard to dry, I’ve given up on it. There can’t possibly be any water left in it now, it has improved however, it doesn’t randomly click on keys by itself anymore for example. Actually it’s only the b key that isn’t working and that key didn’t get a lot of water on it. Well, I’ll keep it in the closet for now and try it again in a week or two, ’cause you never know with technology!

This time I decided to get the wired Apple keyboard instead, mainly because it’s cheaper and has 2 USB ports, it’s also a bit smaller.

Wired Apple Keyboard in Box

Nicely packed as with all Apple products, not anything to brag about though.

Wired Apple Keyboard and Figures

Kona-chan approves. Kagamikku is standing in a pool of dust, I’m gonna do something about that today^^

Wired and Wireless Apple Keyboard

The cable is quite annoying, but I’ll get used to it I guess, since it has 2 USB ports I got rid of my USB hub, so there are just as many cables on my desk as before, although not as messy.

Wired and Wireless Apple Keyboard

A closer look on the difference in size.

Wired Apple Keyboard Back

The two USB ports are located at the bottom, they can be a bit troublesome if you want to connect a thick USB stick as they aren’t placed on the edges of the keyboard. My SanDisk Cruzer Micro is roughly 8 mm thick and it fits.

Wired Apple Keyboard USB port

Microsoft Arc Receiver in Wired Apple Keyboard

The Microsoft Arc receiver hides nicely under the keyboard. Just a warning if you want to buy the Arc mouse, when I used it with my fathers wireless Fujitsu Siemens keyboard, the connection got interrupted every now and then. It wasn’t a problem when I used the wireless Apple keyboard since it uses Bluetooth.

I’m gonna try and keep liquids away this time^^;

  • Jamaipanese

    looking good, my desk is nowhere as neat as yours

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  • Brad F.

    My wife scolds me incessantly about keeping drinks on the desk with my laptop. I never listen to her though. I’ve been doing it for years with no problem. I guess I’m really just courting disaster, but I hate the idea of having to get up and walk every time I want to take a sip of coffee. It doesn’t make sense. I guess I need a table with a lower level to set the drink on or something.

    Anyhow, I didn’t realize they made wired keyboards that were that small. The last time I checked the wired keyboards included the number pad on the right.

    • Brad F.

      By the way, how’s that arc mouse doing? Comfy for the hand still?

    • yonasu

      Yeah, I’d rather break a keyboard every 5-10 years than having to run around every day to drink my coffee. They make both small wired keyboards and the one that includes the numpad, same price for them as well.

      Also the Arc is doing really well, it’s very comfy. I can already see where I place my fingers though, the matte black is never a good idea and the silver on the side is also losing it’s color where I have my thumb, but I’m satisfied.

    • Brad F.

      Wow. Can’t believe it’s losing its color that fast. I suppose as long as it’s comfortable though, that’s what counts. My current mouse and laptop keyboard have long since become “shiny”.

  • Will

    I don’t own a mac but you are really pushing me to start saving ^^ awesome keyboard! you can never have enough USB ports…

    • yonasu

      Good idea Will! Everyone should own a Mac^^

    • Brad F.

      I agree. Get a Mac. You won’t be disappointed with it. If you like to game, you should expect to have to dual boot though.

  • Hoolan

    Very nice. The wired keyboard looks a lot slicker than the wireless one. The Swedish layout looks very very different to the U.K layout :p

    • yonasu

      Yeah, the Swedish layout is superior though^^

  • Shirow

    Nice keyboard, I’d really like to invest in the smaller version (I have the normal one)
    But if I had the money I’d like to buy a million other apple products … I’d even buy the mac wheel if I could afford it …

    • yonasu

      Haha that’s hilarious xD Well, you should invest in one, a good keyboard is a must!

  • Tomakun

    I’m glad you did get a new Apple keyboard. Was just wondering, why do you use the one without numeric pad on the right? You miss function keys and other ones like page up/down, home, backward delete etc… Plus you’re on a pretty large desk @_@

    • yonasu

      I’m used to the 13″ MacBook’s keyboard and I just don’t use those keys so the numpad is pretty useless for me. I also think it looks better^^

  • Shining Star

    That’s right, who needs functionality or something useful when you can have something that looks better. xD

    • Brad F.

      If you polish a turd until it shines, it’s still a piece of crap.

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