Only in Japan #1

Posted by Jonas on February 18th, 2012. Filters:

And China…

Here are 10 things you would probably only see in Japan. Which one is your favorite?

1. Floating Japanese Chinese baby zoo.

2. How to use a blow dryer in Japan.

3. Japanese Chinese eyelashes.

4. The weird old man.

5. A train full of anime girls.

6. The human fish tank.

7. The human paintbrush.

8. Japanese tire grannies.

9. Japanese boobie machine.

10. Huge anime figure.

10 more coming soon!

  • Jonas

    I’m very interested in knowing what the first one really is…

  • Mlpengra

    sometimes… i wonder if japan is crazzy….

  • Bcvancouver

    Most of the pics you’ve got here are Chinese…

    • Jonas

      Well, I agree i didn’t do my research¬†thoroughly, but “most” is wrong too :)

  • Monkeyturns

    you are obviously familiar with Asians.  Photos 1,3 and 7 are photos from China. Photo 4 is Japanese artist Eijiro Miyama

    • Jonas

      Awh, Google is such a lier :(