Oshima Yuko as Final Fantasy XIII-2 Beta Tester

Posted by Dean on October 19th, 2011. Filters:

Oshima Yuko, my personal favourite member of AKB48. Will be an official beta tester of Square Enix’s latest instalment in the “Final Fantasy” series, “Final Fantasy XIII-2″.

CMs began airing this week with Yuko being invited to Square Enix’s offices and presented with a “Final Fantasy XII-2″ beta disc.

Yuko will represent the players of the “Final Fantasy” series and share her positive and negative opinions about the game as well as lead a team of 12 other beta test players.

As a huge fan of the “Final Fantasy” series and an “Dragon Quest”, Yuko is honoured to have been chosen as a beta tester and voice of the players. “Final Fantasy XIII-2″ will be released in Japan on December 15, 2011.

Source: Nihongogo

  • http://yonasu.com/ Jonas

    Still won’t make me play the game, but I’ll watch the commercials(^_^)

    • Anonymous

      really??? I love Final Fantasy!! I can’t wait…of course I still need to finish playing XIII and XII at some point. ;p

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t finished XIII either. I got bored after getting to Gran Pulse. The difficult was all over the place!