Radio MadNesS

Posted by Aaron on November 15th, 2011. Filters:

I’ve been a fan of MiChi for a few years now and today, yes, today was the first time I ever visited her SoundCloud page. Luckily for me, I was greeted by her newest volume (vol. 16 I think) of Radio MadNesS.

Madness is exactly how I would describe it.  And by madness I mean pretty rad.  This lastet volume clocks in at about 2hr15min and for the most part, consists of MiChi and a few of her friends talking about music, events and whatever random talk that spawns from flying words.  Throughout their conversation (all in Japanese), they highlight songs which in today’s case were a various ensemble of English songs mixed in with MiChi’s very own hits.

Considering I am still trying to improve my Japanese anyway I can, I found listening to this volume very useful.  Obviously, I wasn’t able to follow along 100%, but I did find myself understanding various topics of conversation which made me quite content.  I’ll definitely be tuning into her previous volumes and will be looking forward to more as they are released.  If I had to guess, roughly 70% of this radio show is conversation whilst the other 30% dedicated to la musique.

So, if you’re wanting to get a taste of what’s in store, you can hit the play button below or if you are interested in the track listing, just jump on over to here.

Source: Radio MadNesS Nov 13