Rakkyo Ide Scares off Female Celebs by Fake Wanking

For those who love late night Japanese TV shows, this here is a masterpiece most of you probably already have seen a couple of times. But for those who haven’t, well, I think it’ll definitely be something to enjoy.

Basically, the Japanese comedian Rakkyo Ide pretends to play a little five-on-one in a TV studio dressing room while several female celebrities are asked to go to his room.

The victims of this silly prank:

Shoko Hamada. Gravure idol and race queen.

Miwako Nakashima. TV announcer.

Ayako Nishikawa. Tarento and cosmetic surgeon (for realz).

Aya Kiguchi. Gravure idol.

Via JapanSugoi

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  • http://www.soratokujira.tk/ Jin

    Argh that old man is so gross. D= I feel bad for that last chick though, crying and all~

    Ayako was my favorite reaction however. I like that she just goes up to him and is like “What you doin’? >_>”

    • http://www.yonasu.com yonasu

      Haha yeah that was pretty awesome :P But the last one with Aya is priceless xD

  • Isaac

    would have been funnier if it was the duo of ninty nine doing it

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  • keyinjpop

    Laugh out loud funny. Thanks.

  • http://rukinet.com Rukishou

    What’s with the censor? He’s not actually doing it is he? XD

    • http://www.yonasu.com yonasu

      No lol. They always do that as it’s not as fun for the viewers if they see what’s going to happen :)

  • Anonymous

    Ohh my, what a wanker…