Real Gold Energy Drink and Posca Gum

Posted by Jonas on December 3rd, 2010. Filters:

Today I got the remaining items from my last J-List order, a can of Real Gold and the Astro Boy version of Glico’s Posca gum. I’m kind of an energy junkie, but I mostly drink coffee to be honest. This is my first time trying Real Gold, which is an energy drink by the Coca Cola company and contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and all the other good stuff an energy drink contains.

The other item, the Posca gum, I mostly got because of the awesome flavor, Lime and Mint. The gum is however really good for your teeth, it prevents both tooth decay and helps building up enamel (hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth). Unfortunately the package only contains 14 pieces, so it won’t last very long. It’s really good though so I’ll probably include some in my next order too.

A well timed arrival anyways for this package, with all the sweets Chris sent me, I’m going to need something to protect my teeth after all!^^

  • Phossil

    Real gold…. too bad isnt gold for real… ;)

    • yonasu

      Well, drinking real gold would be lethal :P

    • Ken Kitsune

      no it’s not. It’s actually beneficial to our body! had osake with gold and it tastes delicious!

  • BreadLoaf

    Does “Real Gold” taste horrible like most other energy drinks? I’m more of a coffee man myself…

    • yonasu

      Well, I’m pretty fond of Red Bull, so you probably shouldn’t ask me :P But stick with coffee.

    • Ken Kitsune

      i drink this almost every day! i love its taste! it’s like soda. Redbull is different! This one tastes more like citrus soda?

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  • TicTaek

    I just got some of the PosCa gum in the mail today and just about to try it out! I pretty much bought it cause Astroboy is on the front.  n_n

  • Bubbles0328

    Real Gold is heaven in a can.