Rikki Kasso

Published on November 14th, 2008.

Making it to this week’s “Featuring the People” is an art director called Rikki Kasso. Rikki is a guy from Brooklyn who moved to Shibuya, Tokyo, back in 2003. He focuses on photography, painting and video making, but he’s probably most known for his photography. He has a few really good sets and collections, but today I’m going to focus on his collection, “Tokyo Undressed”.

Tokyo Undressed is a very interesting collection, scrolling through his blog is a pretty unique and weird thing to do. There’s a lot of nudity in this collection, but it’s art, so it’s different. But among those naked women, there’s animals, kids and just normal people doing what they’re doing. That variety is what’s making it so interesting in my opinion. There’s definitely a lot of emotion put into his photography, you’ll realize that as you’re browsing through the pictures.

PASS THE IRONY by Rikki Kasso © 13

Tokyo Undressed is not completely safe for work, but I’m sure you’ll be fine, no one’ll see you. Visit tokyoundressed.blogspot.com.

PASS THE IRONY by Rikki Kasso © 15

And here’s a video interview made by 2threads.

If you’re interested in more of his stuff, his official home page is located at www.rikkikasso.com.