Seiyuu fails. Otaku prevail.

Posted by Brian on March 9th, 2012. Filters:

Seiyuu Aki Toyosaki, famous for her voice acting in K-ON and Kanamemo, has managed to spark a rage amongst Japanese netizens of 2chan and more recently international Beatles fans. What’s the issue at hand? During a live recording Akichan, 25 years old and hailing from Tokushima prefecture, made a tribute to Beatles song she really likes : “Hey Jude”. Delivering her rendition she was at first showered in applause from the live crowd, and the Nico Nico Douga viewers who tuned into the live stream seemed equally pleased. That was until a recording of the song showed up on YouTube, where it received more thumbs down than your average gladiator battle in Rome during Caesars  reign many moons ago. Comments on the video ranged from “Not too bad! Just imagine an anime girl singing it!” to “I didn’t even pay, but I want my money back!” the mood was soon set. While the previous version with over a million hits got deleted, a newly uploaded version received as much down votes as the previous one.

All things put aside, cue in the previously mentioned netizens of 2chan who took it to themselves to remix the original performance into a catchy dub-step version. And desperately try to save the face of their beloved seiyuu.

R-r-r-remix time!

So far Akichan has not commented on the reception of her original performance, nor on the remix and I doubt she ever will. That leaves me with just one note that I’d like to add: I honestly think that her version of the song isn’t that bad at all. Certainly, it sounds nothing like The Beatles but as truth wants it, misses Toyosaki is actually a cute Japanese girl, and not 4 British dudes.

  • Kal

    It wasn’t that bad! or am I being fooled by her cuteness! kawaii *_*

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