SHANGRI-LA Episode 2

Posted by Jonas on May 7th, 2009. Filters:

So I’ve watched it, and to sum things up, loved it! I really like where it’s going, the first episode was a little complicated but everything seems to be falling in place. The story about the mysterious daggers continues and Duomo gets attacked by an artillery-like bombing that they believe comes from the forbidden jungle of Ikebukuro.

So what do you think about Kuniko so far? As for me, I think she’s really cute! For some reason I seem to be into the athletic ones at the moment, you know what I mean if you’ve seen this. I’m really looking forward to see more of Mikuni, you know the young one with heterochromia (one blue, one yellow eye). She really does something cool in this episode, don’t want to spoil though so I’ll leave it at that.


In the previous SHANGRI-LA post I mentioned the opening of this drama, it’s one of the better intros I’ve seen in a while, so I’ve embedded it once again. But in the second episode I also realized that the ending is super cool, it really blends in very well and it was especially well cut in this episode.

One thing I didn’t like very much in this episode was the outfits they had when they were in the jungle, it made Kuniko look really weird. But other than that there’s really nothing to complain about!

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