Sheep Shearing by COCOSOLA

Posted by Jonas on March 30th, 2013. Filters:

Sheep ShearingHere’s a fun little game called ひつじの毛をドゥルン (hitsuji no ke wo dourun) where your goal is to shear sheep, in a not so traditional fashion.

The sheep’s fur is connected to a machine by a rope, on the other end of the rope is a bucket, in which you need to put enough weight (in this case apples) for the sheep’s fur to come off. The apples fall from the sky and in order to get them into the bucket, you need to add wooden planks in the right places so the apples can bounce their way into it.

I highly doubt that shearing sheep this way would work, but hey, I’m no expert. Either way it’s a fun little puzzle game!

Search for it on the App Store or click here to see it on the Japanese App Store. It’s free!

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