Shibuya Crossing Ads

Hi! A short introduction. My name is Shiranwa. I’ve lived in Japan for the past 7 years and thought I’d help Yonasu out with his little picture request. I hope you enjoy the pictures I’m able to provide. Leave comments so I can know what you want to see next!

Alright let me explain what’s going on here at Shibuya’s crossing.

SoftBank is one of the major cell phone companies in Japan (others being AU, Willcome and Docomo). SoftBank’s mascot happens to be a white dog – that plays the “father” in a rather complicated family. Well, see for yourself.

Or this one with subtitles:

The band Exile is recruting a new singer, you can see that commercial right here:

Amuro namie is promoting coke :).

For the kurikura add you have this: (apparently these two are chinese twins) water so good you want to dance.

Miliyah Kato talking about her new album (Heaven) and a photo shoot. (Album came out July 28th)

There’s also a movie playing — Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ) which is love story about a couple that go off to make their dreams true – and even though 10 years pass they find their way back into each other’s arms. This movie is brought to you by the same person that directed Koizora (恋空) so it’s sure to be a tear jerker. You should see koizora btw, it’s good^^

The movie trailer for hanamizuki:

There you have it! Let us know if you want some more info on something and I’ll be happy to leave a comment.


More photos from this set:

I hope you enjoyed this JPCP submission by Shiranwa, because I sure did! Shiranwa has already submitted a lot of content and this is only just the beginning, you’ll see a lot more coming from him in the future, so stay tuned.

Oh and by the way, I’m a big fan of the movie Koizora, so I’m definitely going to watch Hanamizuki as soon as possible! — yonasu

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  • ShiningStar

    Great pictures Shiranwa! I so wanna see this in real, maybe one day I can. ^.^

    • yonasu

      Of course you’ll get to see it yourself sometime! You could’ve went there instead of buying a MacBook Pro xD

  • Chris_D

    Nice research Shiranwa :-).

    As a video game nut, this is one of favourite Shibuya ads:

    • yonasu

      That looks cool :D Is the game any good though?

  • daniel mardjuadi

    i love this!…

    but i love the most is…Aragaki Yui in ads banner..with her new Movie!…haha

    • YKT

      Me too^ ^

      Wish I could watch her new movie in Japan. Apparently, the movie will premiere in Hong Kong sometime in November (hopefully with English subs). Also slated to be shown in Macau, Taiwan, Thailand (hopefully more countries as well).

  • kiMi67

    Nice post, I really enjoyed the photos. Btw you have a really funny name.