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Back in May fans as well as the members of S/mileage were shocked to hear Tsunku had planned on adding a new member to the group, just one year after the girls debut. Little did we know on August 14th 2011, Tsunku would add 5 new members to the group.

During the Hello! Project 2011 SUMMER ~Nippon no mirai wa WOW WOW & YEAH YEAH Live~ stop at Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza. Tsunku took to the stage with the 5 new members Katsuta Rina, Kosuga Fuyuka, Nakanishi Kana, Tamura Meimi, and Takeuchi Akari. Although they were met with a positive reaction Although some fans are upset Miyamoto Karin didn’t make the cut.

Over the past 3 months 2,000 girls took part in the additions in which only 12 made it through to the finals.Tsunku introduced these girls to fill a void in which he considers is lacking from the group. Tsunku has said that these members will first start off as sub-members and based on their endeavours will become full fledged members.

Although I’m a S/mileage fan I didn’t follow these auditions very closely. I first saw them at Mano’s Hello Kitty stage play in 2009 and again in 2010 during their first concert tour. It was quite frankly one of the best idol concerts I’ve been to. S/mileage show a lot of personality and are a lot of fun. They also sell fairly well for a new unit in the overwhelming number of new new idol groups out there lately.

I don’t see this ‘void’ in which needs to be filled according to Tsunku. I’m looking forward to getting to know the new girls personalities. At the moment I don’t have a favourite. It’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for us next from S/mileage.

Even though it’s a bit crowded in S/mileage they still have my support.

Source: Hello!Online

  • Anonymous

    Why do they have to be so damn young? Giving H!P a creepy paedo image with all these too young members…

    • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

      Well, almost all idols start young, the older generations did too. If they start young they can get the training they need to be great when they’re older. If they all started at 18 there would be very few professional idols out there. It’s not any different from before so I don’t know why you’d say that now…

  • Guest

    Isn’t this a bit creepy?  How old are the new members? They look like 10-15! 16 upwards is alright, if you push it.  But this is sort of egging on the paedos of the world with their youth and their short skirts and makeup, eh? I mean, fair enough girls dress like this all over but is their any need to justify it and create an even younger generation of make up wearing short skirt loving preteens?!

    • http://yonasu.com/ Jonas

      This is and has been totally normal in Hello! Project as well as other idol agencies for a very long time and there’s an underlying reason for that, which has nothing to do with satisfying short skirt loving preteens. Fact is that an idol’s life (in showbiz) is very short, very few idols are 24 or older. On top of that, in almost all cases it takes years of training to become a popular idol. Most of the really popular idols from 16 to 24 years of age today started around the age of 10-13 (some even earlier), without those initial years they wouldn’t have the skills required to survive in a business that is very competitive.

      These young girls probably cost the agency more than they make, but they are potential gold mines once they reach that certain age.