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Sosushi Turin 1

Well designed sushi bars, and stores in general are pretty rare in my neck of the woods. I only know of one sushi bar here that has a more modern look, all the other ones seem to be aiming for the traditional looking but westernized design. Of course that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I love me some good modern design.

Sosushi Turin 2 Sosushi Turin 3

This is one of the Italian based Sosushi sushi bars. Sosushi has around 20 or so bars spread all over Italy and they all have very cool modern designs (I might feature some of the other ones in the future). This one in particular can be found in Turin (Torino), it’s a new project (2009) made possible by the also Italian based architectural office UAU.

Sosushi Turin 6

Magenta isn’t really my favorite color but it does go very well with white and the plexwood they’re using. We’re painting the living room at the moment and going for white, purple and oak parquet floors, but it will not look anything like this :P

Sosushi Turin 4

Of course with this design you’d expect the sushi to be quite expensive, seeing as there’s only about 10 seats available, and yes, that is the case. It’s not extremely expensive, but more than I usually pay, see for yourself in the menu below.

Sosushi Turin 1

What do the sushi bars in your neck of the woods look like?

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  • Densha Otoko

    It looks futuristic , Like the seats and the way they make the walls bright white .

    Didn’t Try Urumaki before .

    • yonasu

      Yeah, and just one of those chairs probably costs more than my monthly salary lol.

      Haven’t tried Urumaki either!

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  • Jamaipanese

    not so sure about the colour choices but modern design appeals to me as well. I have designs drawn up already for my future mancave.

    • yonasu

      That’s cool! I don’t really have anything drawn up, and I don’t think I will draw anything up. I need to know what my apartment looks like before I dive into that^^

  • Muza-chan

    To be honest, a sushi bar with a modern design doesn’t sounds very appealing to me…
    The menu looks good, though…

    • yonasu

      I see, well we all have our preferences. I like both the traditional Japanese look and the modern. And yeah, the menu looks good, just realized they have fund raising options too!

  • Brad F.

    This design seems more suitable for a tea cafe that serves light snacks. I also don’t care for the color. I don’t think I’d eat at this place. When I think sushi, I’d rather eat at the stereotypical Japanese restaurant, with fans and shrubbery and wooden tables and stuff.

    • yonasu

      I see. When I think sushi I just think of how good it is, I like the occasional change of environment.

      If this were a tea cafe I would most likely not visit it^^ Well, it’s not like I will anyways since it’s in Turin.

  • reesan

    looks funky, a cool design like a dentist surgery i have seen recently. eat sushi and get you teeth pulled. :-)

    • yonasu

      Not the best combination maybe…^^;

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  • Will

    I guess where that’s all the cool cats go to eat :D

    I know of 1 very nice looking sushi bar in the city, not as modern as this one but is still very nice, I will have to go there and take some photos.

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah definitely^^

      Cool! You should do some sushi walks as I call them (basically photo walks with the final aim of eating at a new sushi bar), would be fun to see what sushi bars look like over there.

    • Will

      Hmmmm…. I’m not really as into sushi and I’m into ramen but I definitely will try that. I know of a sushi train place that I’ve never been, but I really should wait for my new camera :D

    • yonasu

      Ramen walks would be cool as well! If you have more than one ramen place over there :P

  • Yoli

    I think it is stunning.

  • Sonokamome

    Great Job on this blog. Really loving your work! ~(^-^~) (~^_^)~

    • yonasu

      Thank you!^^

  • Joshua Zimmerman

    Everywhere I have sushi outside of Japan the place always looks very trendy and ultra modern. I guess they’re trying to attract the young crowd. I enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere a bit too much maybe. Either way, the prices on that menu look way too expensive for my wallet.

    • yonasu

      The traditional looking ones tend to be better here actually, taste-wise at least, and that’s what matter I guess^^