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Takacha is a pretty unknown artist but some one you hardcore Bleach fans may remember him as he sang the eighth opening theme song called “MOVIN!!”. Takacha is a solo artist under Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment. His style blends reggae sound with R&B harmony.

Born to musical parents and raised in a musical household, Takacha started learning piano at the age of 4. After entering high school, he began to seriously aim towards becoming a musician. He left high school and moved to Tokyo by himself. While there, he taught himself musical composition and did live performances while supporting himself as a construction worker.

In March of 2005, Takacha released his first mini-album, Your heart is…? through the company Rainbow Entertaiment. With almost no promotion, the single suddenly made it into the top 20 of the Oricon Indies Chart. Four months later, Takacha made his major debut with the single SONO SAKI NI.



Your Heart is…? – Release 2005.03.10


1) ?watcha Wanna Be?
2) Inka
3) Live In takacha
4) Tengoo
5) Relax
6) Stop N’listen


Sono Saki Ni – Release 2005.07.13


1) Sono Saki Ni
2) Oyoggytiner
3) Live in takacha II
4) Nichiyobi
5) Sono Saki Ni(Acoustic Version)


nayamy – Release 2005.11.02


1) nayamy
2) Time is Money
3) Live in takacha III
4) Getsuyobi
5) nayamy(Acoustic Version)


Riding in You – Release 2006.06.07


1) Riding in You
2) Ding Dong
3) Live in takacha IV
4) Kayobi
5) Riding in You(Acoustic Version)


I (Heart) Inaka – Release 2006.0 7.12


1) -hajimari-
2) Sono Saki Ni
3) Riding in You
4) Mashiro My Way feat. King Chan
5) MOVIN !!
6) -Hamabe Kara-
7) Umi mite…
8) oyoggytiner
9) Rashiku feat. King Chang, SoundLand
10) on da groove
11) nayamy
12) Ame ni mo… Kaze ni mo
13) Ana darake
14) -Live in takacha?-
15) Inaka H18


MOVIN !! – Release 2006.07.12


1) MOVIN !!
2) Sono Saki Ni
3) Live in takacha V
4) Suiyobi
5) MOVIN !!(Acoustic Version)


Tsuyogari – Release 2007.06.06


1) Tsuyogari
2) Tonari Ni Iru Kara
3) Tsuyogari(Acoustic Version)


Namida feat. ACO – 2008.04.02


1) Namida feat. ACO
2) Everything
3) Live in takacha? Z
4) Mokuyobi
5) Namida feat. ACO(Acoustic Version)



Omae Wa Ore No Taiyou – Release 2009.01.28


1) Omae Wa Ore No Taiyou
2) Arigato
3) Kinyobi
4) Fuyu no Iiwake
5) Sake Yo


Change – Release 2009.10.14


1) Everything’s gonna be alright
2) What’s Your Name?
3) FREE feat. KEN THE 390
4) HOLIDAY feat. Tsuboy & Wada
5) Daisuki Desu
6) Omae Wa Ore No Taiyou
7) Nukumori
8) Nage Sute Run Akare
9) Surfer Girl
10) Private Beach feat. Nice Hashimoto, TATE
11) Namida feat. ACO (Like Snow Remix)
12) Rainbow feat. King Chang, Mic Akira
13) Kanashii Uso feat. Ryohei
14) Tsuyogari (Wanna Love Remix)
15) AIO ~Ai Wo Kudasai~

  • http://yonasu.com/ yonasu

    I actually got my hands on some of his CDs for the first time a few weeks ago! He’s pretty good so I’ll have to keep an eye on him from now on^^

  • http://myshashin.tumblr.com TicTaek

    hah! I definitely know who this is, but only because of Bleach. (^o^)

    Thanks for highlighting more of his work. This is great stuff!