Takashi’s Great Journey 03

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In the third episode of Takashi’s Great Journey you get to see footage from his time in Hakodate, Hokkaido. This is the last stop in Hokkaido before continuing onto the mainland of Japan.

Takashi made a bunch of friends in Hakodate at Diamond ramp, a great skate park and shop. One of them, Atsushi Ikeda, even let him stay at his house for the night, so he didn’t have to sleep in his little sleeping bag again.

Takashi’s great journey has been really great so far, and now the mainland awaits him with most likely nothing but awesomeness!

I’ve been looking into getting myself a longboard for over a year now by the way, and this makes me want to buy one even more. Do you have a skateboard or do you do other similar sports? Such as BMX and aggressive inline skating?

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