Tengu Brand Beef Steak Jerky Chips

What am I doing? I’m enjoying some Swedish beer imported from Germany while listening to some good Japanese hip-hop and looking at Gyaru Wednesday week 11.

Together with all that stuff I mentioned above, I’m having some Tengu Brand beef steak jerky chips imported from Japan! I love eating chips while drinking beer, but there are only a few flavors that really go well with it. This is one of those flavors that goes really well with beer. In fact, I’d have to say this is the tastiest “beer chips” I’ve ever had.

Just trust my words and try them, it’s going to blow your mind.

2 bucks a bag on J-list, (in case) you’re interested.

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  • http://www.bradleyfarless.com/ Brad F.

    How come your Swedish beer is imported from Germany, instead of made in Sweden? Just found that odd, but no odder than some of the crap that says “Made in USA” on it, with a tiny disclaimer: Made in China, Assembled in USA.

    • http://twitter.com/yonasu yonasu

      The tax on alcohol is sky high in Sweden because there’s a monopoly on it. So even Swedish beer is cheaper in Germany. A case of 24 cans in this case is €7 in Germany and €23 in Sweden.