The Cat-friendly House by Asahi Kasei

Published on January 24th, 2011.

Asahi Kasei has come up with a genius idea for people who love cats, a specially designed house where both people and cats can live together in complete harmony.

The house which has a very modern design includes hybrid cat/man toilets, shelves that work as stairs for cats, cat doors, an outdoor area and various hideouts and places for the cats to play around, or sleep in. As a cat lover myself, this looks a bit like a dream house to me! I wouldn’t be surprised if getting something like this is crazy expensive though.


  • Mali

    omg haha this is nice but only works if you have no accessoires or books to put on the shelves xD

    • Amy

      yeah cause cats love to destroy your things…I have two.

    • yonasu

      Haha that is true… All your accessories have to be made of rubber, or you have to glue them there :P

  • Amy

    I’d love a house like this! My cat’s would have a blast!!

  • Brad F.

    I’d love to have a place like this. That outdoor area looks kind of like a maximum security cat prison though doesn’t it?

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah it does look a bit like a prison… But better that than not letting them get any fresh air at all^^