The World’s Shortest Escalator

Posted by Jonas on February 5th, 2011. Filters:

The world’s shortest and most pointless escalator can be found in Kawasaki, Japan, just so you know.

It’s even in the Guinness World Records book^^


  • Anonymous

    Damn, we have one here in Karlsruhe (Germany) which is like only 2 or 3 steps longer…

    • yonasu

      Haha I wonder why they make them. It can be just out of laziness. Perhaps instead of ramps or elevators for wheelchairs and baby buggies?^^

  • mokudekiru

    I love how the woman in the first picture looks really tired like she NEEDS that escalator, and has moved over to the side, despite only being on the escalator for a maximum of 1 second, and despite the low probability of someone actually passing you on that thing.

    • yonasu

      Hahaha yeah :P You gotta be in a real hurry to pass someone on that thing!

  • Harvey

    Not to be outdone by the smallest mountain in Japan.

  • Coal

    Thanks for using my picture! :-)

    Next to the shortest elevator is the Guinness Book certificate and an explanation for it. What isn’t obvious is that at the bottom of the escalator is an equally short flight of stairs, and on the right is a flight of stairs that goes the whole way up. The original plan was to have two full escalators, but construction of the first was already underway when the economic bubble in the late 80s meant they could no longer afford it, so they tied up the loose ends of the one they’d started and built stairs (for considerably less) the rest of the way.

    Standing on the left is so ingrained that everybody does it even on an escalator this short.