Today’s Levitation

Published on May 2nd, 2011.

Natsumi Hayashi, a photographer living in Tokyo has a quite unique photography blog called yowayowa camera woman, where she takes a picture of herself levitating every day. Some of them are amazingly well taken and makes you wonder how she does it!

I think it’s definitely worth subscribing to, so go to her blog and take a look around!


  • Druss

    She’s jumping…

    • yonasu

      Well yeah, that’s pretty obvious, haha. But it’s interesting how she manages to get such good shots, it just looks so, natural. But hey, I don’t know much about photography^^

  • Shmuel Fomberg

    maybe she installed a camera trigger in her boots? it doesn’t seen like she have a remote in her hand…
    Or she just learned to jump exactly when the camera’s timer is going off.
    in any case, impressive indeed.

    • Rob

      I’d think it’s much simpler … just take HD video and take out screenshots of the best moment. Or have the camera take 20-30 burst pictures in a row and just pick the best one. 

      Definitely nice idea and well executed, but not really that hard to pull off IMO.