Tokyo Fashion: A Week in Review

Posted by Patrick on February 3rd, 2012. Filters:

Howdy folks – this week saw the weather averaging a chilly 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit) in Tokyo, and with the cool weather came some even cooler fashion items!

Printed Maxi Skirt

Printed Maxi Skirts –  A bevy of lovely ladies were snapped on the streets in long, printed maxi skirts a la Mori Girl. The hippy styled patterning gives off a humble, earthy feel that goes well with the wintertime. After something similar? Check out Rakuten!

Long Style Coat

Long Style Coats – The guys weren’t trailing far behind in their fashion game – trendy and loose long style coats seem to be a bucking trend right now. These can also look pretty darn cool when paired with skinny style pants. If you’re after something similar, check out this coat.


Ponchos – The trusty poncho has become a timeless item (when used in the right way of course) and a number of style-savvy ladies were spotted wearing the loose fitted fashion piece around Tokyo. Team it up with some boots and jeans and you’ll be trending with the best of them! Start your poncho journey by checking this one out.

Faux-Fur Scarf

Faux-Fur/Fur Scarves – These were found on both the guys and the girls! Despite my opposition towards wearing real fur, the faux-fur equivalent looks great (and you can feel great about wearing it) and the variety of styles and colours makes them easy to mix and match.


Honourable Mention: Creepers – It seems like every man, woman and chiba inu own a pair of creepers these days – did you know that the full name is brothel creeper? Let’s not get into explaining that, the Wikipedia article can do that for you! The creepers pictured are actually quite common and relatively tame compared to others. Have you seen the platform creepers some brave Tokyoites? Yowza!

So that’s it for this week – how many of you own anything on this list?

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  • Jonas

    Love the Mori Girl look when it’s cold outside. Makes the ladies look so warm and cozy!

    I don’t own anything on this list… :P

  • TicTaek

    I’m not cool enough to own anything on this list.  *tear*

    Welcome mate!

    • Loc Lam

      Haha, me too. No budget for fashion these days ;_;

      Welcome to the team, Patrick! 

  • Patrick Davey

    Hey guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! That’s too bad – you’d all look so great with a maxi skirt and poncho combination :-P 

    – Patrick

  • Ragnar

    -7? We have -23 here at the moment (10AM), they say it’s gonna go down as below as -38 during the coming nights. Crazy!

    Awesome post, tho! The poncho looks most cozy.

    • Jonas

      You’re going to die :(

    • Patrick Davey

      Holy crap! That’s quite the cold. That number was an average based on the past week – but hey, straight from the horses mouth! Better get yourself in one of those ponchos ;-)