Top 10 Japanese Christmas Songs

Christmas Eve is closing up on us and the Christmas music is playing in the background everywhere you go. I’m a big fan of Christmas music myself, it makes me all warm and fuzzy… So today, as an early Christmas gift to you all, I present to you, my personal top 10 Japanese Christmas songs!

Yamashita Tatsuro – Christmas Eve

My all time favorite Christmas song. I listen to it every day in December, occasionally I even find myself listening to it as early as September… haha. Yamashita Tatsuro’s voice is really something special, I can’t get enough of it!

Hamada Masatoshi & Noriyuki Makihara – Chikin Raisu

This is the song that gets stuck in my head all the time. I know the lyrics so when I’m not actually singing it out loud, I’m humming it or have it looping in my head. Don’t be afraid if a weird gaijin suddenly shouts “CHICKEN RICE” on the train.

Be The Voice – Window Christmas

This song by Be The Voice was released last Christmas. I’ve listened to Be The Voice for a few years now and I love their music, so their “Window Christmas” is naturally one of my favorites. I could only find this preview for the song, so you’ll have to look it up elsewhere, on iTunes for example.

Chara – X’Mas Spirit

Chara tends to be in the top 10 of any list I make, so it’s pretty obvious that she’s also on this one, especially when she’s got such a lovely Christmas song^^

Hiromi – Our Christmas Song

I don’t generally listen to Hiromi, but Our Christmas Song is simply beautiful.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Perhaps the most well-known track on this whole list, it’s a genius composition that every Japanese is familiar with.

Mihimaru GT – So Merry Christmas

A little Mihimaru GT never fails, this is the closest I get to rap in Christmas time.

Juliet – X’mas Bell -men’s Side-

This is what I’d like to call “on the go Christmas music”. It’s not too Christmas-y, just enough to make you think about other things than what to buy for Christmas presents, but it still puts you in a nice Christmas-y mood.

Dreams Come True – Yuki no Christmas

This is not a song I find myself listening to very often, it’s great as background music though^^

AKB48 – Yoyaku Shita Kurisumasu

Finally I gotta put AKB48 on the list, of course. A little moe on Christmas is always good.

And there you have it, my personal top 10 Japanese Christmas songs! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Anonymous

    I actually skipped the videos till I saw Chara, clicked it, and got this…..:
    この動画には UMG さんのコンテンツが含まれているため、ご利用いただけません。

    • yonasu

      Thanks for letting me know :P I’ve embedded a new one (although you’ll have to go to YouTube to listen to it…

  • Loc Lam | ロックラム

    Have you heard Utada Hikaru’s version of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence? Not about Christmas anymore that’s for sure lol.

    • yonasu

      Haha yeah I have the album, it’s not bad but yeah, no Christmas feelings in that one^^

  • Ali Muskett

    Thank you for this post! I love xmas music, and I love Japan. So, all in all, an excellent combination! :)

    • yonasu

      You’re welcome :) Glad you liked it!

  • Jenny Montin

    Nice list, I didn’t even know Chara had a Christmas song ^^
    This is on my Christmas song list, Fukuhara Miho love winter song;

    • yonasu

      Wow, that was really nice! :D My first time listening to her, she has a really good voice! Thanks for sharing^^

  • Anonymous

    You missed the classic B’z Itsuka no merry christmas sad/happy love song

    • yonasu

      I was thinking of putting that on the list, but I ended up with AKB48 instead :P

  • smnoa

    i was searching for this song i kept hearing when i was in japan last week
    and i finally found it…Yamashita Tatsuro – Christmas Eve
    THANK YOU!!!!