Top 5 Songs to Listen to while Studying

Recochoku, a popular Japanese site that specializes in music downloads for your mobile phone, held a poll recently. They asked its users to vote for the song which they thought best cheered on students who were preparing to take exams. Here are the top 5 songs.

  1. ARASHI – Sakura Sake
  3. Kobukuro – YELL
  4. Kitano Kie – Sakura Saku
  5. Ikimonogakari – Ima Hashiridaseba

Arashi’s “Sakura Sake” was ranked number one. The song title is similar to the word for success on exams “Sakurasaki”. This is the second year in a row that this song has come in at number one.

The song “YELL” by Kobukuro will be the third time it’s been in the top 5.

You’ve probably noticed, (and if you have not take a look at the lyrics) That most of the songs include Sakura/Cherry Blossoms in their lyrics, along with words of motivation and doing one’s best. Most students take their exams/graduate in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. So these songs encourage them when the pressure is on.

So those of us who are in school right now should listen to these songs while studying. I think I just might, since I’ve been assigned to create a font, and I’m feeling pretty stressed now. Of course I will be playing Sakura Sake and Gloria. (<3 Yui)

Oh! And speaking of spring, I am so ready for it right about now. I wish we had Sakura trees where I’m from. ☺

Watch Sakura Sake in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

  • Anonymous

    Some youtube links would be nice. :)

    • Amy

      It was surprisingly hard to find Sakura Sake and Gloria, that’s why I didn’t post any youtube links when I wrote this.

      Since you asked, I tried looking on veoh and found Sakura Sake there, but no Yui. All I could find for Yui are cover’s.
      Umm, couldn’t find much for iIma Hashiridaseba except someone’s home made karaoke thing. I did manage to find a live version of YELL, and a PV for Sakura Saku.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot.

  • yonasu

    Out of these 5, my personal choice would be Ikimonogakari – Ima Hashiridaseba :) I find myself listening to some more instrumental music when studying though, lyrics often distract me.

    • Amy

      Of course, I choose Sakura Sake. :) But it’s distracting because I start to sing along. :P

  • Anonymous

    Still have to hear most of them, but I think GLORIA is a biased choice, given it’s PV.

    • Amy

      I think if Gloria was on youtube it was taken some, same for Arashi sakura sake. I added what videos I could find for the songs.

    • Anonymous

      Gloria was taken down one week after it reached youtube, found this on google though: (has embed links if you click on the BLOG / BBS thingy)

      Also I have heard Sakura Saku somewhere… I think karaoke, but I can’t remember… anybody know if it was featured in any Drama?

    • Nyanya
      Found GLORIA by Yui on youtube. Says the video was posted 3 weeks ago. Anyway, Johnny’s Entertainment (which Arashi belongs to), and Sony Music (Yui’s record label, and also the biggest record label in Japan) don’t like people uploading videos of their artists on youtube. If you upload videos of their artists they usually get deleted in a few hours or days.