Tsugunaga Momoko in Dragon Nest’s “God Idol! Harori Junior-Senior Battle”

Posted by Dean on January 24th, 2012. Filters:

You may remember my pervious post about about Michishige Sayumi lending her voice for MMORPG Dragon Nest. Well now Tsugunaga Momoko is involved in what is Dragon Nest’s “God Idol! Harori Junior-Senior Battle”.

At Dragon Nest’s press conference on January 23rd, 2012 the “God Idol! Harori Junior-Senior Battle” was announced. Sayumi perviously lent her voice to Harori, an in game idol character. The “God Idol! Harori Junior-Senior Battle” allows fans to vote for Barbie-san, Tsugunaga Momoko or Michishige Sayumi to be the next Harori.

Sadly, only Japanese fans are able to vote for their favourite idol to be Harori. If you’re in Japan, here’s the link to vote! In my opinion Sayumi makes a great Harori but then again Momoko looks gorgeous in her cosplay.

Has anyone played Dragon Nest? I played it a few months back and for a free MMORPG I really enjoyed it.

I’ll make sure to post who the winner is when it’s announced! For now enjoy some cute photos of Momoko and Sayumi in their cosplay!

Source: Game Watch

  • Falleninlove_naymel

    Sayumi all the way 

  • Mlpengra

    no offense to the yellow (NOT ORANGE) dress girl, but yur kinda…. chubby….

  • http://yonasu.com/ Jonas

    Suddenly they’re looking very european…

  • Karolynnwinstanley

    My momochi :D

  • Karolynnwinstanley

    Momochi all the way!!! YOU GO MY LITTLE MOMOCHII!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorgiemae.villarin Lorgie Mae Villarin

    ahh! momoko-chan, sugee no kawaii!! sSUGEE< SUGGEE!