Where to find Japanese blog widgets

Posted by Jonas on August 16th, 2011. Filters:

Many bloggers, especially those who like to be a bit more personal, like to mess around with their sidebar(s) by adding all kinds of widgets. But good widgets are hard to come by these days and many end up using the same ones. So if your blog is in some way related to Japan or if you just fancy Japan in general, a Japanese blog widget might be something for you.

There are thousands of Japanese blog widgets out there, many of which are cute and colorful, and I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon them on various (usually crowded) Japanese websites, blogs especially. So today, rather than giving you recommendations for specific widgets (or blog parts as the Japanese like to call them), I will give you a list of good websites where you can find them yourself. All of these websites are in Japanese, but they should be fairly easy to navigate without knowing too much Japanese. But if it’s too hard, you can always use Rikaichan.

These are just a few blog parts sites that I like, there’s plenty to be found on Google if you search for ブログパーツ.