Yasashii Jikan

Posted by Jonas on December 30th, 2007. Filters:

I just finished watching this dorama so now it’s time to tell you what I think of it.

Since I just read the synopsis before watching this dorama I had no idea I’d see so many familiar faces. It started off with Terao Akira as Wakui Yukichi, one of the main characters. I don’t remember where or when I first got to know Akira and I didn’t like him at first. But after seeing him in various movies I now understand why he’s so amazing. He’s always been a great actor but after seeing this dorama there’s another reason why I like him so much. He gives me calm, he may seem boring to others but to me it’s really a pleasure to watch him act. In this dorama he acts as the master of a cafe called The Forest Clock in the northern parts of Hokkaido. After his wife died in a car accident caused by his son, Wakui Takuro, he moves to Hokkaido to live the life his wife always wanted. He couldn’t forgive his son and left him, but what he doesn’t know is that Takuro is living and working as a pottery apprentice just 50km away from him.
One day a young girl called Azusa (Nagasawa Masami), who’s working at The Forest Clock bumps into Takuro at the mall when she accidentally breaks the shop’s plates and cups. Takuro helps her carry her stuff to her car and they then exchange numbers, after that it doesn’t take long before the two fall in love.

I was surprised the first time I saw this girl, I knew I had seen her somewhere else before. But I just couldn’t remember where from. At first she reminded me of Horikita Maki, but that wasn’t it, I knew I had seen her before. And when I finished the fifth episode I found out! The funny thing was that she was one of the main characters in a dorama (Dragon Zakura) I watched just about 2 weeks ago. Even though both of the doramas were filmed in 2005 she looks way younger in Yasashii Jikan. Nagasawa Masami is a really great actress and I can’t wait to see another of her doramas!

The last familiar face in this dorama is Sasaki Kuranosuke, who I know from the Ueto Aya dorama Shimokita Sundays. Though I don’t want to spoil anything so enough said.

If you’re interested you can find the dorama at D-Addicts!