Yonasu Team 4 Podcast #2

Posted by Aaron on March 6th, 2012. Filters:

The latest Team 4 Podcast has now arrived for the Yonasu community to listen to.  My apologies on the late arrival, but sometimes, perfection takes time. Or in our case, technology is just dumb.  But no worries, our podcast here is to save you from whatever you had planned for in the next 30 minutes.

But before you take a listen, I must admit that the podcast your about to hear is take two of our February attempt at recording.  In that first attempt, we had everyone present in early February to record, but sadly, the recording went haywire and it was thrown into the abyss that is Loc’s hard drive.  So, unable to salvage any of the audio, Loc and I got together last weekend to record a less ear-aching experience for you guys and gals.

So if you wanna hear our ramblings about Japan, just hit the giant play button below or download for your offline adventures. And like always, your comments, questions and suggestions are appreciated.

  • dean_rainey

    Awesome podcast! Shame the audio failed last time T_T! I’ve been so busy I can’t even piece together what I’ve been up to! I hope I can join you guys on your next podcast to fill you all in!

    • http://myshashin.tumblr.com TicTaek

      Yah, it was a shame the audio was all messed up.  Oh well.  Yah, I can only imagine how busy you have been.  Any luck in the job search?

  • Erissu

    Both podcast #1 and #2 should have been internal training recordings. Because I’m going to come out as a real meanie saying this, but it’s painful to try to listen to this.

    Please take some time to get familiar with your recording equipment, listening to the recordings a few times – tweak and such before you actually release or put together a full ‘episode’.

    Some of the guys microphones, in their Skype (I guess it is?) calls are really *Horrible*.

    It’d also be nice if you guys sketched together what the show is going to be about a little more than just a recorded hangout/group call..

    I really wanted to listen to these.. but I’m unable to. I really really hope it’ll go better next time! Please don’t take this as a burn, but as constructive critisism :-) My suggestions: 1) Plan more, even if most is ad-hoc 2) Try out recording equipment 3) Listen to recording equipment 4) Record a smaller session 5) Listen to it, etc