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It’s Saturday and I’m having a few beers with my fellow team writer Dean and doing whatever I can to make something out of the Halloween weekend. Luckily, Twitter crazy @carrotlove is available and I’ve stumbled upon a new amazing Japanese hip-hop artist called ZONE THE DARKNESS.

So as you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Michita, a Japanese track maker who has worked with many hip-hop artists such as haiiro de rossi, Meiso, MC SODA and arupachikabuto. Well, on ZONE THE DARKNESS’ album The N.E.X.T, two songs were produced by Michita. Also worth noticing is that two other songs were produced by Eccy, which is also one of my favorite hip-hop track producers from Japan.

So anyways, I only featured one song in this post, but the rest of the album is really great. So if you like Japanese hip-hop, you might want to take a look at the following links.

ZONE THE DARKNESS Official Website

F.I.V.E. RECORDS Official Website

  • Anonymous

    This shit is dope! I love Michita too :-)

    • Jonas

      Yeah, Michita is dope! Totally owning my! O_O